Team coaching

Research Coach facilitates spaces for teams to make the most of their collective strengths and experiences, to innovate and to create solutions.

Research Coach offers a variety of options for new and established teams, from one-off strategy sessions to full team coaching programmes.

Team coaching is suitable for:

  • Senior management/leadership teams
  • Research teams looking to develop/deliver complex projects
  • Teams looking to explore new and effective ways of working together
  • Teams aiming to develop and implement new strategies

Team coaching programmes are designed in collaboration with the commissioning team. Pricing will be dependent on the requirements of the team. Contact us for more information or for an initial discussion.

What people say…

“In the past I have been a bit sceptical about the value of this kind of training but sessions with Natalie were enjoyable and informative. They made me reflect on my own individual practice and role within the team.”

“Just wanted to say a huge thank you – the sessions were hugely valuable and it was fantastic working with you.”

“Thank you very much for all your work with us over the past months. I believe it has made a huge difference to us and to how we operate. I think we work as a team that respects our values, and that is thanks to you.”

“It made a huge difference to the team identity and sense of purpose”