Leading and Supporting Others

Workshops include:

  • Using Your Emotional Intelligence to Support and Manage Others
  • Introduction to Mentoring Skills
  • Coaching Skills for PIs and Research Leaders
  • Supporting Others Well: Active Listening and Constructive Feedback
  • Understanding and Managing Change
  • Supporting PhD Researchers
  • Supporting the Writing Process
  • Supporting Neurodivergence in the Supervisory Relationship – NEW
  • Fostering Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion in Leadership – NEW
  • Promoting Gender-Sensitive Leadership in Higher Education – NEW
  • Developing Care Responsibility-Sensitive Leadership Skills – NEW
  • Cultivating Empathic Leadership in Higher Education – NEW
  • Managing Team Dynamics: Organisational Systemic Constellations for Higher Education – NEW
  • Embracing Neurodivergence in Higher Education – NEW

Please contact us to request full workshop outlines or for a discussion about your requirements. We also always love to design new workshops so don’t hesitate to pitch us a new idea!