Building an effective writing habit 2

In this second blog on building effective writing habits, I explore what can help effective writing.  I’m going to look at what happens in individual writing sessions, and use this to consider how to build good habits. What do you need for a successful writing session? Here are some questions to get started: Do you set yourself writing goals or intentions? (Do these help or hinder you?) How do you judge when you have been productive? How sustainable is the way that you work? Goals: By asking these questions, I’m not advocating for [...]

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Building an effective writing habit

In this post I’m going to address three key issues that get in the way of building an effective writing habit. I’m going to call out these three gremlins: Inspiration Perfection Permission Firstly, the Inspiration Gremlin I was lucky enough to teach about Romantic poets and writers, and one of their lasting legacies was a belief – now filtered into popular culture – that inspiration is key to any artistic activity. However, if you wait for the muse to arrive before you write, you might be waiting a while – especially if you [...]

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